About the Membership Program:

1. How to join the membership program?
Download the H‧COINS mobile application and fill in your personal information. There is no minimum spending requirement to register as a member.
2. When should the membership be activated after completing the electronic member application form?
Members will be issued a SMS verification by the system after registering as a member. After entering the verification code in the H‧COINS mobile application, members will be issued a membership number. Members can activate their membership after logging in.
3. After completing the member application form, I still didn’t receive a verification email despite waiting for a long time?
Please make sure that the mobile number you entered is correct, or try to click the resend button to receive a new verification code.
4. Why should I join H·COINS membership program?

Members can earn H Coins on one single platform, the H‧COINS, with their spending across the 10 properties* of Henderson Land. Members can enjoy an array of benefits, including year-round privileges offered by more than 400 merchants, boundless spending rewards, receiving first-hand information of the 10 properties and promotional offers of H‧COINS. In addition, members can also redeem shopping e-coupons and dining e-coupons, a program newly launched by HLD Properties. These e-coupons can be used as cash dollars at the participating merchants.

The 10 participating properties include*:

MCP CENTRAL & MCP DISCOVERY (Metro City Plaza Phase 2 and Phase 3), MOSTown, KOLOUR Tsuen Wan, KOLOUR Yuen Long, Shatin Centre  Shatin Plaza, Trend Plaza, Square Mile, H Queen’s, H Code and H Zentre.

5. Is there any welcome reward for H‧COINS?
Earn extra 3,000 H Coins upon first time successfully registered any H Coins via the “Self-Register Coins” in H·COINS App, or visit the spending location concierge or customer service counter.*Once the H Coins registration is approved, the 3,000 H Coins will be automatically credited to eligible member’s account at 10pm on the same day. If the H Coins is approved after 10pm, the extra H Coins will be credited to the eligible member account on the next day.
6. What is the other H‧COINS benefits besides welcome reward?
Members who use the “Self-register Coins” function on the mobile App or H·COINS x CU APP “Auto-earn Coins” for H Coins registration, members can get 1,000 H Coins upon successfully registered same-month sales transaction and earn H Coins in their birth month for the first time. Members who register the e-coupon used in the transaction for record, can get an additional 10% H Coins according to the actual spending amount. Each member can get up to 1,000 H Coins per transaction. Less than 1 H Coin will not be counted and expired receipts will not be registered (according to the invoice date of the merchant’s machine-printed sales receipt).

About H Coins Registration:

7. How to earn H Coins?
Members can earn 1 H Coin with every HK$1 spent by electronic payment. Each merchant’s machine-printed sales receipt amount must be HK$1 or above. (The amount spent with electronic payment must be HK$1 or above to be eligible for H Coins registration. Each individual sales receipt with transaction amount less than HK$1 will not be counted). Members must register H Coins within 14 days from the date of transaction through self-registration (no minimum spending requirement) or visiting the location where the purchase was made in person to register H Coins* (only accept any spending of HK$100 or above) or through H·COINS x CU APP “Auto-earn Coins” function. Registration will not be accepted after the expiry date (according to the invoice date stated on the merchant’s machine-printed sales receipt). Members who use the “Self-register Coins” function on the H·COINS mobile App to upload eligible electronic payment machine-printed sales receipts can redeem up to 30,000 H Coins with actual spending amounts on each receipt totaling up to HK$30,000. There is no redemption or re-issuance of H Coins above 30,000 H Coins. Members who wish to register sales receipts totaling amounts more than HK$30,000 should visit the H·COINS Concierge or Customer Service Counter in the location where spending was made.
8. Is there an expiry date for the use of H Coins?

The validity date of H Coins for all H Coins redeemed on or before 30 November, 2021 (according to the date of transaction), is from the date of H Coins added to the mobile application until 31 December, 2021. All H Coins that have not been redeemed for any relevant membership rewards on or before 31 December, 2021, will be automatically removed and forfeited at 00:00 midnight on 1 January, 2022, without notice.

For all sales receipts between 1 December, 2021 and 31 December, 2021 (according to the transaction date), H Coins registration should be done on the day of transaction made by uploading the receipts via the mobile application or visiting the property; so as to have the relevant H Coins added to the member’s account as soon as possible for use. Within this period, sales receipts with spending that are not made on the transaction day will not be accepted for H Coins registration. And within this period, for the H Coins registered, the validity date for gift and e-coupon redemption will be extended to 31 January, 2022.

About H·COINS Rewards:

9. How to redeem rewards?
Reserve a gift: Members can login to their H‧COINS member account via the mobile application, and select their desired gift under "H‧COINS Rewards". Upon successfully reserved the gift, corresponding H Coins will be deducted by the system. All gift rewards are available on a first-come first-served basis and while stock lasts. Redeem e-coupon of HLD Properties: Members can login to their H‧COINS member account via the mobile application, and select the desired e-coupon under "E-COUPONS" of "Rewards Redemption". Corresponding H Coins will be deducted by the system upon successfully redeemed the e-coupons (shopping e-coupons or dining e-coupons) (respective value of the coupons are HK$30, HK$50 and HK$100).
10. Is there any restriction for reward redemption?

Each member can reserve only 1 gift per day and a maximum of 150 gifts per month.

HLD Properties’e-coupons are available in 3 respective values: HK$30, HK$50 and HK$100. Each person can redeem a maximum of  2 Henderson Land Properties’ e-coupons (shopping e-coupons or dining e-coupons) of respective value per day i.e. the maximum value of Henderson Properties’ e-coupons can be redeemed is HK$720 (this includes both e-shopping coupons and e-dining coupons).

In each transaction, 2 HLD Properties’ e-coupons can be used (i.e. the maximum value of HLD Properties’ shopping e-coupons or dining e-coupons can be used for each transaction is HK$200). There is no limit for number of transactions per day.

The HLD Properties’ shopping e-coupons or dining e-coupons are valid for 6 months from the date of successful redemption (e.g. If the e-coupon was successfully redeemed on 1 January, its expiry date will be 00:00 on 1 July.)

11. How to enjoy the Year-Round Offers offered by merchants?
Simply presenting their “My Membership Card” via the mobile application to the participating merchant, members can enjoy privileges at more than 400 merchants.
12. How to use the HLD Properties e-Coupon?
When making a payment at the participating merchant listed on “My Wallet” page in the H‧COINS mobile application, members may present the e-coupon QR code to the shop assistant for scanning. After the transaction information was verified, the e-coupon can be used for deducting the transaction amount in the POS system in the shop.
13. The location, opening hours and customer service hotline of the Member Service Counter or Concierge of HLD Properties are as below:
Property Address Location Operation Hours Customer Service Hotline
MCP CENTRAL & MCP DISCOVERY (Metro City Plaza 2 and Phase 3) 8 Yan King Road, Tseung Kwan O MCP CENTRAL L1 Customer Service Counter 12:00-22:00 3194 3200
MOSTown 18 On Luk Street Ma On Shan L3 Customer Service Counter 12:00-22:00 2643 9110
KOLOUR Tsuen Wan KOLOUR Tsuen Wan I 68 Chung On Street KOLOUR Tsuen Wan II 67-95 Tsuen Wan Market KOLOUR Tsuen Wan L1 The Concierge / L3 The Concierge 12:00-22:00 2940 7070
KOLOUR Yuen Long 1 Kau Yuk Road Yuen Long Basement The Concierge 12:00-22:00 2475 4745
Shatin Centre • Shatin Plaza Shatin Centre 2-16 Wan Pok Street Shatin Shatin Plaza 21-27 Shatin Centre Street Shatin Shatin Centre L3 The Concierge 12:00-22:00 2606 3700
Trend Plaza Tuen Mun 2 Tuen Hop Street & 2 Tuen Lung Street Tuen Mun South Wing L3 The Concierge 12:00-22:00 2440 2981
Square Mile 11 Li Tak Street 18 Ka Shin StreetTai Kok Tsui Basement The Concierge (11 Li Tak Street) 12:00-22:00 2984 1079
H Queen’s 80 Queen's Road Central - - 2343 1738
H Code 45 Pottinger Street,
Central - - 2510 8633
H Zentre 15 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Basement The Concierge 12:00-22:00 2981 1082