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H·COINS Members Year End Coins Registration Arrangement

Reminder on This Year Coins Expiry
• All Coins earned by this year will be expired on 31 December 2023.
• Redeem exclusive rewards via H·COINS app before it goes expired.

Special Arrangement of Spending in December
• From 1 to 31 December of this year, members must register sales receipts for Coins via H‧COINS App or at mall concierge within 14 days of purchase.
• Coins expiry date will be extended to 28 February 2024, for any spending made within December this year and successfully registered.

Terms & Conditions
1. “Points” and “Coins” refer to the points earned through electronic payments under the H‧COINS membership programme. Members earn one Coin for every HK$1 spent. Each electronic machine-printed sales receipt amount must be HK$1 or above to be eligible for Coins registration in the H‧COINS integrated membership programme.
2. Coins registration by members is subject to the terms and conditions under “Coins registration”. For Coins redemption details, please refer to the “Terms and Conditions” on the H‧COINS website or mobile app.
3. Members who use the “Self-register Coins” function on the H‧COINS mobile App to upload eligible electronic payment machine-printed sales receipts can redeem up to 30,000 Coins with actual spending amounts on each receipt totaling up to HK$30,000. There is no redemption or re-issuance of Coins above 30,000 Coins. Members who wish to register sales receipts totaling amounts more than HK$30,000 should visit the H·COINS Concierge or Customer Service Counter in the mall where spending was made.
4. Henderson Leasing Agency reserves the right to modify the structure and content of H‧COINS at any time without prior notice, including all content of the mobile App/website, Coins registration, Coins conversion, expiry dates of Coins, available rewards and offers, methods to redeem and collect rewards and offers, terms and conditions, other items, and termination of H‧COINS. It is the responsibility of members to keep themselves up to date in respect to the structure and content of H‧COINS, including any modifications of these terms and conditions. Registering for Coins and redeeming rewards and offers will be deemed as acceptance of all relevant terms and conditions by the members. Henderson Leasing Agency and HLD Malls will not be liable for any losses or damages resulting from changes to the structure and content of H‧COINS, including these terms and conditions.
5. In case of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the English Version shall prevail.