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H·COINS x CU APP “Auto-earn Coins”

H·COINS joins hands with CU APP of Citistore, UNY and GUU SAN to launch a new “Auto-earn Coins” function. After registered as H·COINS and CU APP members, simply to activate the “Auto Earn Coins” function on the CU APP, and shop at participating Citistore, UNY or GUU SAN stores with electronic payment, to present and scan the QR Code of CU APP member, for every HK$1 spent can earn 1 H·COINS’ Coin and 1 CU APP point simultaneously. It’s a quick, simple, and easy way to earn points at the same time.

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H·COINS x CU APP “Auto-earn Coins” Terms and Conditions
1. To enable the “Auto-earn Coins” function, Member shall use the same mobile phone number to register CU APP and H·COINS.
2. By activating the “Auto-earn Coins” function, members agree to disclose and transfer his/her electronic payment transaction records on CU APP to H·COINS for registration for Coins.
3. Member can earn 1 Coin for every HK$1 spent (applicable to any electronic spending receipt amount equivalent to or higher than HK$1, including spending by CU APP e-vouchers) at the CU APP participating shops under designated H·COINS participating shopping malls of Henderson Leasing Agency Limited.
4. Upon notwithstanding the activation of “Auto-earn Coins” function, no data in relation to a member’s transaction record on CU APP would be disclosed and/or transferred to H·COINS for registration for Coins unless the said transaction is eligible for redemption of CU APP Points.
5. Each qualified receipt can only be used for registration of Coins once. Upon successful registration of Coins via the “Auto-earn Coins” function, any registration of Coins via other means including but not limited to “Self-Register Coins function” or “At the Customer Service Counter / Concierge” will not be accepted.
6. Auto earn is only applicable to basic points earned on CU APP, any extra points or birthday bonus points will not be eligible for Coins earn on H·COINS membership programme.
7. H·COINS bonus points “Coins”, rewards and services are provided by H·COINS and H·COINS will be solely responsible for the same. For the avoidance of doubt, H·COINS, Henderson Leasing Agency Limited, HLD Malls will not be responsible for any issues, disputes, loss and/or damages in connection with / ancillary to CU APP, including but not limited to the CU APP Membership, the rewards and services provided by CU APP and/or the redemption of CU APP Points. Members with dual membership shall refer to the terms and conditions published / issued by CU APP for details.
8. “Coins” will be credited to H·COINS account of the member automatically on the same day that the relevant receipt is verified / approved.
9. In the event of a refund, your CU APP Points and H·COINS Coins earned from the corresponding purchase shall be deducted from your account.
10. If members want to disable the “Auto-earn Coins” function, please email to, and the content of the e-mail must include the member’s registered personal information in CU APP, namely, member’s name, mobile phone number and e-mail address for verification purpose.
11. The registration and use of “Coins” are subject to the provisions as set out in the section “Coins REGISTRATION” of these Terms and Conditions. If there is any inconsistency between the aforesaid and the provisions under this section, the provisions under this section shall prevail.
12. The respective terms and conditions of CU APP and H·COINS govern your application to join the programme and your memberships. For details, please refer to the “Terms and Conditions” on the CU APP and H·COINS website or mobile app.
13. In the event of any dispute, the decision of CU APP, HLD Malls and H·COINS will be final.